Tunturi T40 Treadmill Review

Tunturi-T40-TreadmillPrice: £1,299
Buy From: Fitness Superstore

Overall Rating: 4
Build Quality: 4
Ease of use: 3
Console Features: 5
Comfort: 4
Value for Money: 4

Tunturi Fitness are well known in the industry for producing quality, high performance fitness equipment and the T40 is no exception. Certainly, they are priced towards the upper end of the market however the price would seem to match the features that this treadmill has to offer.  A speed range of 0.8km/h to 20km/h will definitely cater for all levels fitness as will the 12% incline on offer.

The 3.0hp continuous duty motor ensures that runs are smooth regardless of the speed the treadmill is running and the power of a Tunturi motor ensures that the treadmill never feels as if it is straining and it also reduces the level of noise quite considerably.

The running deck is quite large, in fact it is oversized in length at 150cm long by 51cm wide so there are no problems for even the tallest and most awkward runners.  Despite the extra length in the deck, the T40 folds upright easily and the set of 4 transportation wheels makes manoeuvring the treadmill incredibly easy for anyone to do.

The T-Flex cushioning system also features an orthopedic belt which ensures that impact levels are kept to a minimum.  As a Scandanavian company, Tunturi have always made the aesthetic design of their product ranges an important feature resulting in an uncomplicated, but stylish look. Previous models were criticised on occasion for outdated console displays but the T40 certainly doesn’t suffer in that department.

Tunturi-T40-Treadmill-ConsoleA large straight forward LED display clearly shows you a profile of the program whilst the window displays surrounding offer up the basic feedback information covering time, speed, distance, calories and heart rate.  It is here that the sophistication of the console really starts to shine through.

The T40 contains the patented proactive program PSC (Positional Speed Control).  This intelligent program controls the speed and adjusts the pace when necessary.  Walking faster automatically means a higher speed and vice versa.

Proactive, hands free, very comfortable and safe, PSC offers 100% effective training because it reacts proactively to the user.  It does this via the supplied wireless heart rate strap. The T-Pulse heart rate control programs are able to adjust both speed and incline to vary the intensity of the workouts which is in itself unusual and not something found on the majority of treadmills. T-Scale enables users to choose and adjust the level of intensity during a program without interruption at the touch of a button resulting in infinite profile variations.

There are no compromises with the all round build quality of the T40 either, with a 15 year frame and motor warranty and 3 years parts and labour also provided as standard.  Tunturi also include a delivery and installation service with all their machines using their own teams of qualified technicians.


  • Really well made with a great warranty.
  • Innovative proactive user programs.
  • Comfortable, cushioned running deck.


  • Maximum user weight is only 21 stone which is a little light for a machine in the price point compared to alternative products and there are no entertainment features.


In summary then, the T40 may lack some of the bells and whistles of other treadmills in its class but it certainly delivers on build quality and intelligent, interactive features.

Best Price: £1,299
Buy From: Fitness Superstore

Life Fitness T5-5 Treadmill Review

Life-Fitness-T5-5-TreadmillPrice: £2,795
Buy From: Fitness Superstore

Overall Rating: 4
Build Quality: 5
Ease of use: 5
Console Features: 3
Comfort: 5
Value for Money: 4


Ok, so in the UK most people will need a folding treadmill due to space restrictions. Manufacturers recognise this and subsequently there are many more folding machines available than there are non folding. In fact it is really only the prestige brands that cater for this smaller niche market which means consequently you are unlikely to find a non folding treadmill unless you have a pretty substantial budget.

The T5-5 treadmill then, is a pretty serious piece of fitness equipment, packed full of the specification and features you would expect to find on a model costing over £3,000. With an oversized running belt (56cm x 152cm) you can run in complete comfort via the flex deck cushioning system no matter how tall you are.

It has a maximum user weight capacity of 180kg which tells you that this is an incredibly stable machine. The 3.0HP Magna drive motor will propel users to 20kph and a 15% motorised incline gives you the same level of options available on many full blown commercial treadmills.

The display has an extremely easy to use navigation system where the keys are touch sensitive and back lit.  The individual information windows present all the feedback detail in a coherent very user friendly manner.

Life-Fitness-T5-5-Treadmill-ConsoleThere are 15 pre programmed workouts including classic, daily and sports training with 4 user profiles to store personal fitness data and to preset your workouts specifically to your own profile. For those technically minded you can even custom design your own programmes.

Heart rate control programmes using the trade marked Heart Sync (the most accurate heart rate monitoring system on the market) are also available complete with the included wireless chest strap as standard.

Life Fitness also provide all their products with a 3 year onsite, parts and labour warranty so you can feel confident in the level of build quality.


  • Oversized large running deck
  • Very solid, stable machine
  • Complete running surface, workouts are smooth, impact free and effective
  • Masses of variable programming options for all fitness levels.


  • This treadmill is a very large heavy product and therefore difficult to move around. You really need a purpose built room to accommodate it.
  • No folding capability.
  • No entertainment features.

In summary then, the T5-5 is an expensive treadmill but it really delivers on all fronts and if you have the money this is definitely the treadmill to go for.  The lack of entertainment features like an ipod dock may put some off but frankly this performs so well as a treadmill I don’t think it is an issue. Whatever your fitness level, there aren’t many better machines out there.

Best Price: £2,795
Buy From: Fitness Superstore