NordicTrack T7.2 folding treadmill review

NordicTrack T7.2 treadmillPrice: £599
Buy From: Fitness Superstore

Overall Rating: 4
Build Quality: 3.5
Ease of use: 4
Console Features: 4
Comfort: 4
Value for Money: 4

The NordicTrack T7.2 is a really good value treadmill. At £599, you get a really great machine for your money.

Technology focus

What I find really appealing about the NordicTracks is their technology focus. They’re well known for being innovators in the industry and this machine is great if you want lots of ways to bring variety into your training. With 20 workout apps to choose from to help motivate and track your training, it really helps to make running more fun, and means you can track your goals more easily.

Another key selling point for this treadmill is its iFit Live compatibility. By purchasing the iFit Live module, you’ll be able to take your training pretty much anywhere in the world by connecting to Google Earth. I really enjoyed running around Paris with my favourite running tracks playing on my iPod (the treadmill has an iPod compatible port). The Jillian Michaels personal training program is particularly impressive. I thought this was a really great program. Easy to follow, you can tailor it to you and it’s definitely one to get you motivated!

The module costs about £99, but you could check out higher spec models such as the NordicTrack T9.2 folding treadmill, which comes with iFit Live included when purchased through Fitness Superstore. It’s a bit pricier at £699, but a superior machine so you do get more for your money.

Comfortable training

The T7.2 includes the innovative cushion-deck, provided by DualShox cushioning which marries a cushioned strike area with a firmer take off very well. Of course, the higher spec models still offer a more comfortable experience but, for a treadmill at the lower end of the price scale, it’s certainly more than adequate.

Another good feature is the gym-width belt – 51cm wide by 140 cm long. What’s really good about a wider belt is that you have less chance of stepping off the belt, which can be dangerous. Lots of us tend to drift slightly when we run, so I really do recommend a belt of this width. Although the belt length area isn’t as long as a treadmill you’d find in a gym, it certainly caters to most. Only the exceptionally tall would have any difficulty. So if you are over 6 feet, you might want to consider alternative machines or at least test it out before buying.

With a 2.25 CHP DurX Motor, it has a self-cooling drive system with an axial fan, which reduces noise. Not the quietest treadmill ever, but certainly not offensively loud. Again, in this price range, I rate it as fairly good.


NordicTrack T7.2 treadmill folded

There are some good safety features with this treadmill, namely the EasyLift assist, which makes the treadmill easier to manage. The great design also allows the treadmill to be stored vertically, which is a great space saver and prevents it from being a hazard.

The standard warranty is 1 year parts & labour. However, you can get this extended free of charge to 2 years parts & labour if you register it with Nordic Track by warranty card or via their website within 28 days.


Overall, a really good value treadmill in this price range, ideal for most users, though you may want to look at treadmills with a longer belt if you’re really tall. I also strongly recommend purchasing the iFit module to boost your training as this is what makes these treadmills stand out from the crowd.

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