NordicTrack T9.1 Treadmill Review

NordicTrack-T9.1-TreadmillPrice: £699
Buy From: Fitness Superstore

Overall Rating: 3.5
Build Quality: 3
Ease of use: 3
Console Features: 5
Comfort: 4
Value for Money: 4


The NordicTrack T9.1 folding treadmill is the entry level model in the Nordic track range to embrace the iFit live concept. The old version of iFit consisted of pre programmed SD cards designed to give users motivational instruction with their workouts. The latest concept works in conjunction with Google earth whereby users can log onto the web and choose a location to run in.  By using your laptop or tablet pc and the wireless module plugged into the treadmill you can take a run almost anywhere on earth!

The treadmill adjusts incline according to the contours of the terrain and you can select street view which is pretty impressive as motivational programs go.  I tested the feature running around Sydney harbour which made a nice change from staring at the TV or out of the window.

NordicTrack-T9.1-Treadmill-ConsoleThere are many other facilities with iFit live too.  Apps for your mobile phone including exercise diary and dietary recording options all come as part of the subscription. This costs £99 for the module and 1 years use except for some of the higher spec models in the Nordic range which have the module included.

In addition to iFit there are also the usual variable intensity programmes available pre built into the console and an ipod compatible music system.

The 2.5Hp commercial grade motor is reasonable and capable of 20km/h although it was quite noisy at higher speeds. There are one touch hot keys on the console for adjusting speed and the 10% motorised incline.

The belt is a healthy 51cm wide by 140cm long so suitable for all but the tallest users and the FlexResponse cushion deck claims impact reduction levels of upto 15%.  I did feel that the sprung deck was a little bouncy as I am quite a heavy footed runner and this made running at speed quite noisy when compared to some of the orthopaedic belt model treadmills from other manufacturers at this level. Despite this, the deck did otherwise feel pretty sturdy and the 150kg maximum user weight should cope comfortably with the vast majority of users.

Nordic’s warranty of 2 years parts and labour with a 10 year motor warranty is somewhat lower than alternative brands at this price point but in terms of purely spec and console sophistication the T9.1 treadmill scores pretty well.


  • Fantastic innovative programming with iFit live surely will provide motivation to anyone.


  • The deck is quite bouncy for heavier runners creating higher noise levels compared with alternative brands.
  • Quite a short warranty and not the greatest build quality.


In summary then, if you want the latest motivational and entertainment facilities provided as part of a treadmill then the T9.1 is for you. If comfort, noise levels and build quality are more important features then there are other treadmills out there that will be more suitable.

Best Price: £699
Buy From: Fitness Superstore

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