NordicTrack T9.2 folding treadmill review

NordicTrack T18 TreadmillPrice: £699
Buy From: Fitness Superstore

Overall Rating: 4
Build Quality: 4
Ease of use: 4
Console Features: 4.5
Comfort: 4
Value for Money: 4.5

If you’re looking for a good value treadmill that delivers in terms of technology, I would recommend the NordicTrack T9.2. At a price of £699, the T9.2 has much to offer including iFit Live technology compatibility, a wide range of programmes so you can adapt your workouts and good safety features.

Far superior in terms of spec in comparison to other treadmill brands in this price range, I was particularly impressed with the inclusion of iFit Live when purchased via Fitness Superstore. Although I’ve tried this out before on the NordicTrack T7.2, I had to purchase this as an additional module to reap the benefit of it.

If you’ve not used iFit Live before, you really should give it a try. It’s certainly helped me get through a 15k run when I’ve not been in the mood. Basically, it allows you to log onto the web and connect to Google Earth. You can then choose any destination to run in, taking your training pretty much anywhere you like in the world. I’ve tested out loads of pre-programmed destinations via my TV (you can also use your computer/laptop), such as the Sydney Harbour, but you can try pretty much anywhere. It definitely beats staring at a wall!

Comfortable training experience

NordicTrack T9.2 treadmill belt

With a cushion-deck, provided by DualShox cushioning, this is definitely one of the softer treadmills on the market in this price range. The result is a comfortable, smooth running experience, whether it’s a light jog or a run. However, when really sprinting, it did feel a bit uncomfortable and was quite noisy so serious runners may want to look at alternative, higher spec models.

The motor size is really good with a top speed of 20kph, which caters for most runners. Despite the larger motor, I also found the T9.2 treadmill quieter in comparison to earlier models, though still quite noisy compared to other treadmills.

The treadmill belt is a nice size. At 51cm wide by 140 cm long, it’s the width you’d find on treadmills at the gym. The benefit is that it caters to most (except the really tall) and also means you don’t need to worry about slightly drifting as you run, which is very common. With a 150kg maximum user weight, the overall feel was very sturdy too and though I’m only 85kg myself, I feel confident it would provide a comfortable running experience even if you’re closer to the weight limit.

Peace of mind

A key feature of this folding treadmill is definitely the soft drop lowering system. When folding the treadmill away, it effectively self-lowers, making it far more manageable, meaning less chance of damaging the machine or yourself. I tested this out by asking my wife to fold it away. At 5 feet tall, she managed it without any problems at all.

The standard warranty is 1 year parts & labour. However, you can get this extended free of charge to 2 years parts & labour if you register it with Nordic Track by warranty card or via their website within 28 days.


Overall, a really good treadmill in this price range, ideal for most users. However, if you’re very tall, I would suggest looking for a longer treadmill belt (longer than 140cm) and trying before you buy. Serious runners may also want to look for a stronger model too to get superior comfort.